唐老鴨俱樂部》是美國1987年製作的卡通影集,於1987年9月18日  (1987-09-18)至 1990年10月28日  (1990-10-28)播映,全100集。

登場人物 编辑

  • 輝易/輝兒(Huey Duck)
  • 杜威/杜兒(Dewey Duck)
  • 路易/路兒(Louie Duck)
  • Webby
  • 史高治叔叔(Scrooge McDuck)
  • Mrs. Bentina Beakley
  • 管家巴蒂斯(Duckworth the Butler)
  • Launchpad McQuack
  • 吉羅(Gyro Gearloose)
  • Doofus Drake
  • Glittering Goldie
  • Mrs. Crackshell
  • Gandra Dee
  • Mrs Featherby
  • 葛萊史東(Gladstone Gander)
  • 瑪奇卡(Magica De Spell)
  • 皮特(Black Pete)
  • Merlock
  • 幽靈黑鬼(The Phantom Blot)
  • El Capitan

劇集列表 编辑


顏色 主題
01Don't Give Up the Ship--
02Wronguay In Ronguay--
03Three Ducks of the Condor--
04Cold Duck--
05Too Much of a Gold Thing--
06Send in the Clones--
07Sphinx for the Memories--
08Where No Duck Has Gone Before--
10Robot Robbers--
11Magica's Shadow War--
12Master of the Djinni--
13Hotel Strangeduck--
14Lost Crown of Genghis Khan--
15Duckman of Aquatraz--
16The Money Vanishes--
17Sir Gyro de Gearloose--
18Dinosaur Ducks--
19Hero for Hire--
21Maid of the Myth--
22Down & Out in Duckburg--
23Much Ado About Scrooge--
24Top Duck--
25Pearl of Wisdom--
26The Curse of Castle McDuck--
27Launchpad's Civil War--
28Sweet Duck of Youth--
29Earth Quack--
30Home Sweet Homer--
31Bermuda Triangle Tangle--
32Micro Ducks from Outer Space--
33Back to the Klondike--
34Horse Scents--
35Scrooge's Pet--
36A Drain on the Economy--
37A Whale of a Bad Time--
38Aqua Ducks--
39Working for Scales--
40Merit-Time Adventure--
41The Golden Fleecing--
42Ducks of the West--
43Time Teasers--
44Back Out in the Outback--
45Raiders of the Lost Harp--
46The Right Duck--
49Luck o' the Ducks--
50Duckworth's Revolt--
51Magica's Magic Mirror--
52Duck to the Future--
53Jungle Duck--
54Launchpad's First Crash--
55Dime Enough for Luck--
56Duck in the Iron Mask--
57The Uncrashable Hindentanic--
58The Status Seekers--
59Nothing to Fear--
60Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck--
61Once Upon a Dime--
62Spies in Their Eyes--
63All Ducks on Deck--
64Ducky Horror Picture Show--
65Till Nephews Do Us Part--
66Marking Time等待時機-
67The Duck Who Would Be King誰是王者-
68Bubba Trubba--
69Ducks on the Lam畏罪潛逃-
70Ali Bubba's Cave阿里巴巴的洞穴-
71Liquid Assets透明價值-
72Frozen Assets冷淡價值-
73Full Metal Duck金屬鴨-
74The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club億萬俱樂部-
75Money to Burn永無止盡的錢-
76The Land of Trala La--
77Allowance Day--
78Bubbeo & Juliet--
79The Good Muddahs--
80My Mother the Psychic--
81Metal Attraction--
82Dough Ray Me--
83Bubba's Big Brainstorm--
84The Big Flub--
85A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity--
86Blue Collar Scrooge--
88Yuppy Ducks--
89The Bride Wore Stripes--
90The Unbreakable Bin--
91Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby--
92The Masked Mallard--
93A DuckTales Valentine--
94Ducky Mountain High迷人的山脈高峰1990.09.10
95Attack of the Metal Mites金屬蟲攻擊1990.09.18
96The Duck Who Knew Too Much誰能想到那麼多1990.09.26
97New Gizmo-Kids on the Block孩子們的集體新發明1990.10.05
98Scrooge's Last Adventure叔叔的最終冒險-
99The Golden Goose (Part 1)黃金鵝(上)1990.10.27
100The Golden Goose (Part 2)黃金鵝(下)1990.10.28

外部鏈結 编辑

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